Tired now – nap time !


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A walk in the woods






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Cola Bottle


Freddie was very happy with the postman for a change today. He brought a brand new cola bottle with squeaker!! Maybe now we can throw the old one in the bin :0)

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Freddie’s new girlfriend !!


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What’s all this white stuff?


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It’s cold outside

With all the snow outside its so cold! Neve decided she would keep her best friend warm and snuggly with her old dressing gown ….. He doesn’t look to impressed with colour though!


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The birthday Boy



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Freddie’s Birthday day out

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Happy 1st Birthday Freddie

Today it’s Freddie’s 1st Birthday. For his birthday treat we took him to the seaside yesterday so he could have a good run on the beach. He had lots of fun and was shattered! Today he had lots of presents including a big bone to chomp on , some new balls to chase after and a big squeaky birthday cake toy. He started the day with biscuits for breakfast and will be enjoying roast beef later when we have Sunday lunch. He went a for a walk too this morning and came home full of mud- just how he likes to be :0)
He is still a cheeky little chappy and always getting into mischief – usually involving food! You would think he was never fed he always wants more. He has made a new doggy friend called Monty – he is a labradoodle puppy who lives down the road and they love chasing after each other.



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Santa came early for Freddie

New comfy bed


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